Oct 11, 2018

Eve Room — Setup

Please follow the instructions in the included Quick Start Guide:
Eve Room 2015:
Eve Room 2018

Eve Room

With Eve Room, Eve senses indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity. Learn how to feel better in your home, powered by a sophisticated sensor analyzing volatile organic compounds (VOC).


1) Download the Elgato Eve app from the App Store.

2) Insert the included AA batteries and find a good spot for Eve Room.

Eve Room will adjust to its surroundings automatically throughout the first week in its new home. Air quality can vary based on many factors, and Eve Room will learn how to accurately judge air quality during this time.

3) Open the Elgato Eve app and tap Add Accessory. Eve will now guide you through the setup process.

If you have already set up another accessory, go to the Eve settings to add Eve Room to your home.

HomeKit Setup Code

Please keep your HomeKit Setup Code in a safe place. You need it to securely add Eve to your home, and nobody but you has a copy.